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A Cut Above...

Hello. My name is Brad Webb, and I absolutely LOVE barbecue. As a native of Texas, I grew up with an evolving understanding and appreciation for how authentic BBQ should taste and be created. When I moved to the Philadelphia area in 2006, and noticed that nobody was cooking or serving it pit to plate fresh...I decided to just start making it myself. What started out as a backyard obsession, and some pretty memorable block parties, slowly turned into owning three food trucks, a 6,000 lb. smoker, and a dedicated team sharing the same goal.


Within this 18 year journey, I've learned that creating superior barbecue requires three things: premium meat, a fire built with quality hardwoods, and patience. Here at Southbound, you'll find all three...every time, in every bite. Our dedication to a quality product, refusal to cut corners, and unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched in both our catering and vending services. This commitment is what turns our promises into reality. Let us prove it to you.

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