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Hello. My name is Brad Webb, and I LOVE barbecue. As a native of Texas, I grew up knowing how ridiculously good bbq should taste. So when I moved to the Philadelphia area in 2006, and noticed was that nobody was doing it right...I decided to just start making it myself. What started out as a backyard obsession, and some pretty memorable block parties, slowly turned into owning two food trucks, a 6,000 lb. smoker, and a dedicated team sharing the same goal. Within this journey, I've learned that creating superior barbecue requires three things: premium meat, a fire built with quality hardwoods, and patience. Here at Southbound, you'll find all three...every time. Our dedication to a quality product, refusal to cut corners, and commitment to customer satisfaction are unmatched in both our catering and vending services. 

Southbound BBQ Company


Brad Webb- Owner


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